Free Content Planning Workshop

Join me for a FREE WORKSHOP and learn how to plan 30 days of content (blog posts, emails, social media posts) all in one spot!

I'll be sharing my strategy for picking content ideas that your audience will actually read, save, and share. And walking you step-by-step through my system for organizing all those posts and planning a month of content in ONE spot.

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No more trying to figure out what to post in the moment

Planning content for just one platform can be a challenge, but figuring out how to show up on multiple platforms (with multiple options - thanks Instagram...), plus emails, blog posts, YouTube, or a podcast can be A LOT. Hang out with me for this hour-long workshop and I'll share my systems for planning all of your content for the month in ONE DAY so you can start posting consistently.

Just in case we haven't met, I'm Sarah!

I'm a digital strategist with over 20 years of experience creating, designing, and selling online. And I'm a nerd about simplified systems because the easier it is to plan + create the easier it is to show up CONSISTENTLY.

Here's what you'll learn...

  • How to set up a content planning system in Airtable. (You can totally use the free version and I promise it's not as complicated as it seems).
  • How to organize content from lots of different platforms in one spot so your marketing works together and you can actually create LESS content.
  • How to choose topics that create engagement and get to the heart of what your ideal clients or customers want so they'll be more likely to hire you or buy from you.
  • How to put everything into ONE calendar so you're able to batch posts ahead of time and actually hit all your deadlines.

Ready to create an epic content planning system??