We believe that marketing your online business shouldn't be so damn difficult.

Which is why we created

Where budding entrepreneurs like you learn to implement the marketing strategies + systems necessary to grow your audience and turn them into paying customers and clients.

Skip collecting courses, scouring the internet for ideas, or creeping on other people's Instagrams to figure out how they're making it happen.

No-bullshit and no fluff. Just a clear guide for your brand messaging, email list, and social media marketing, with a plan that fits into the time YOU have.


Here's the problem...

You’ve bought all the courses, ebooks, and workshops. You've read all the blog posts and listened to all the podcast. And you still don’t feel like you know what you’re doing. (no worries, most biz owners do this)

You know you've got something special that will truly help people, but no matter how many strategies you've tried, it's STLL not really working and you're honestly frustrated.

All the options and decisions are leaving you stuck, stalled, and stressed out. But a 1:1 coach or a fancy group program just isn’t in your budget yet.

The solution: One membership with all the marketing strategies necessary to grow your audience + gain customers or clients.

Our mission is to help solopreneurs like you stop doing all the things and start implementing the essential marketing strategies (even scary ones like video) so all your effort actually grows your business.


This is for you if...

  • You’re running a service or digital product business making between 0 and $5k/month
  • You’ve been trying to do too many things and know you need to be better at focusing on the most important stuff
  • You've been letting fear hold you back and are ready to get out of your own way
  • You want a community of women working toward the same things and a coach keeping you accountable
  • You're ready to boost your confidence in promoting your stuff and feel good positioning yourself as an authority

So why isn't your marketing working already?

There are too many options for email platforms, social media, content, and you can't figure out which to focus on first.

Time. Time. Time. You really need more of it but you know setting up systems and specific marketing strategies will help.

Showing up on video and putting yourself out there on social media is 'effin scary and you could really use some support and accountability to go all in.

Whatever is keeping you stuck, we’re ready to help you blast through those roadblocks, put the essential marketing strategies in place, and finally feel confident showing up and selling.


Businesses with effective marketing have 4 things in common...


They're focused on one person + one problem

Most business owners try marketing to multiple people and solve multiple problems, which ends up diluting their message. In The Essentials you'll learn how to find a singular focus and a singular solution so YOUR people can spot you in any crowd.


They show up consistently

Rain or shine, businesses with an effective marketing strategy are able to email their list, show up on Instagram, and sell consistently because they have a plan for creating content and a system that caters to their schedule and strengths.


They've set up systems + automation

You don't have to do all the things. Whether it's simplifying the process or completely automating pieces of the puzzle, successful businesses create a marketing plan that is easy to implement and scale so they can use those hours on the stuff that moves the needle.


They have support + accountability

Don't go it alone! Businesses with an effective marketing strategy also have a support system that helps them stick to their plan, reach their goals, and blast through those late night stress sessions. We've all been there and we've got your back!

Everything you need to set up your marketing + grow to $5k months and beyond in one membership

Trainings that are easy to follow + implement, templates so you don’t have to start from scratch, tried + true strategies so you don’t have to test 50 things to figure out what works, and a truth-telling coach to keep you on track + taking action


The benefits

  • All your marketing essentials: In one place at once price (a fraction of what it would cost to purchase each course separately or hire a coach) and set up so you always know what step comes next.
  • Mindset and productivity: We know the path of a new business owner is loaded with roadblocks and speed bumps (and occasionally a flying garbage can full of bs), so systems and mindset support are built into the course lessons.  
  • Personalized feedback: I’m not just dropping these trainings and leaving you to figure it all out. I'll be live 2x every month to answer YOUR questions and provide personal feedback to help you apply every lesson to YOUR business.
  • Community: Your business BFF, your next client or customer, your middle of the night support squad, here to keep you accountable and on track.
  • No long-term commitment: Want to hang out for 3 months, 6 months, a year? You can cancel + restart your membership at any time - no need to email us or ask.
  • No Risk: Try it for a month and if it’s not a good fit hop into your student profile and hit that cancel button - easy peasy!

How we make it happen . . .


Effective marketing starts with a clear brand story. Nail down who you help, how you help them, and how to communicate that to your ideal clients + customers.


Next you'll need an email list so you're connected to your audience on a platform you own. Learn how to grow your list + what to send to keep subscribers interested.


Most solopreneurs spend more time scrolling than creating content - it's time to change that. Learn how to show up consistently, grow your audience + gain their trust.


Ending your days with more tasks than you started with? Learn to plan your weeks in advance, set up systems, and automate tasks to take advantage of the time you've got.


We see you imposter syndrome! Throughout the program you'll find trainings + reminders to help you work through the inevitable mindset blocks and stay on task.


Twice / month I'lll host live coaching calls to answer your questions and hot seat members so you always understand how to apply the strategies to YOUR business.


We know that building a business can be super lonely. Members get access to our Facebook group of rad business owners working through the same things you are!


Want to dive deep and improve your video skills, copywriting, or ad strategy - keep an eye out for bonus calls with some of our favorite industry experts!


Pick your plan and start TODAY!

Grab your monthly membership to give The Essentials a try or save $158 (that's two months free) and sign up for a year!

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Yearly Membership

$790/year (2 months free!)


The Essentials is totally risk-free. Give it a try, cancel at any time (no need to ask or email us), and come back whenever you want.

Meet your mentor

I'm Sarah Morgan and it’s my job to help you simplify your marketing strategies, show up with confidence, and dare to grow!

After years in a loud, chaotic newsroom, my introverted self was SO over it that I used my blog to start a web design business and finally QUIT to freelance full-time in 2012.

Since then I’ve been happily working from home to create courses + coaching programs to help you market and grow your business like a BOSS!

I know you've got more than just a business to focus on so The Essentials is full of strategies that have worked for me and my students to grow a successful business WITHOUT working nights and weekends or stressing over every single detail.

We believe in done over perfect, skipping spammy-feeling strategies, and focusing on showing up to serve your people. Sound like a plan??

Ready for results like this??

"It's been a big push to actually start posting. I loved listing out the problems of my customers to get ideas on things to talk about, the different types of posts to do, and the reminder that it's okay to pitch more often!"

- Kory, web designer

"I just finished my first story post selling one of my products using your lesson in your Grow Your 'Gram course. I'm so proud, it's already getting engagement! "

- Julicia, artist

"Dare to Email helped me to better understand how to collect more subscribers. It was easy to understand, and I can use the tips over and over again."

- Renayle, writer

"Am loving The Productive Solopreneur! The two download worksheets themselves have proved invaluable. Learning so much and it’s saving me so much time. And I already thought I was pretty good at planning!"

- Jen + Jac, handmade shop

"I just started forecasting three months in advance with Asana and I LOVE it. Your course helped a chronically disorganized crazy train like me have the tools to learn how to become organized! "

- Sophia, event marketer

"Wow, I thought I was going to get some boring tips on this one [automating your email list], but you just blew my mind in the second half. HA! Thanks, Sarah."

- Ashley, speaker

Any questions??

What if I'm just starting?
Then you're in the right spot! The Essentials are for business owners earning zero - $5k/month from their marketing. So if you've just launched your business,
this membership is exactly what you need to get your marketing strategy up and running without having to guess at and waste time Googling everything

I've been at this for a while, will this be too beginner for me?
Possibly! If you have a growing email list, a social media platform where your audience is super engaged, and running your marketing feels good, then you're probably ready for our digital product program.
But if that's not the case and your email list or social media marketing isn't generating the revenue you hoped for, then The Essentials can help you audit your marketing and get it adjusted and converting better.

This looks like a huge program...which course do I begin with?
Jump into The Essentials intro lessons and you'll see the course roadmap, which lays out exactly what order to do things in. No guesswork needed. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unsure? Just follow the roadmap to stay on track.

What if my audience isn't on Instagram?
If your people prefer to connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social platform, you can still join! You can use our content strategy to attract and warm up an audience anywhere and we'll be adding trainings from experts in other areas to make sure you get all the best practices you need.

What if I don't love it?
No prob! Hop into your profile in the membership site and cancel your subscription - no need to email us or ask. We don't offer refunds, so if you aren't sure which option to choose, try out monthly membership first and then you can always cancel and switch to yearly.

How much do I have to participate?
It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun if you join the monthly calls and participate in the community. But if that's too much people-ing you'll still get so much out of the courses and watching the coaching call replays.  

I want to join your digital product program too - which should I do first?
If you already have your email list and Instagram up and running you can dive into the digital product program when it opens (more info here). If you don't have your email list or Instagram running yet, then start with this membership to get those set up.

What if I already purchased one of the courses?
If you already have one of the courses, you'll retain lifetime access to that course, but you can still join the membership to get access to the other courses, community, and coaching calls!

Every piece of the marketing puzzle in one spot

With most trainings under 20 minutes, you can learn the skills you need and start taking action FAST!

Create your laser-focused brand story

Use the Dare to Grow brand story framework to identify exactly who you're marketing to, what their challenges are, and why YOU are the best person to help them solve their issues. Your brand story will help you stay on message and be laser focused with every piece of content.

Grow your email list on autopilot

The step-by-step guide to launch + grow your email list (and yes, FINALLY start sending emails!) Learn how to set up your email list, create a rad freebie (a PDF, a workshop, a challenge) and set up email sequences to educate and sell to your subscribers.

Attract your ideal clients + customers on Instagram

Your blueprint for growing your audience, influence, and income with Instagram. From setting up your profile, to figuring out hashtags, to creating graphics and attracting new followers. GYG includes step-by-step trainings to help you show up confidently and consistently.

Set up systems and processes

Learn how to plan, organize, and automate your business tasks to get more done every day. From social media to your inbox to those little admin tasks that can eat through an entire day. Learn how to simplify, systematize, and de-stress everything you need to do.

Design a content plan you can actually stick to

Feel like you're spending most of your week writing blog posts, emails, Instagram posts OR wishing you had more time for that stuff? The Content Planning Kit will show you how to make a content plan that covers all your bases without filling up your entire schedule.

Blast through all those mindset issues and become a confident creator

Imposter syndrome might still show up, but we've got a plan to keep it from slowing you down. Having a rough day or week (or month) - listen to a Confident Creator pep talk and learn how to break through the bs and keep moving!

Plus tons of support!

2 Monthly Coaching Calls

Join Sarah and the other Essentials members for twice monthly coaching calls to help you break through your roadblocks. Join us on the second Tuesday of the month at 10am Pacific and the fourth Tuesday of the month at 4pm Pacific for mega accountability and support. Replays always available!

Members-Only Community

Need support in between calls? Post to the members-only Facebook Group to get feedback, encouragement, and even find team members or collaborators. Dare to Grow babes are hard working, seriously care about serving their people, and beyond encouraging. Sound like you too??

Let's do this!

Grab your monthly membership or save $158 and sign up for a year!

Monthly Membership


Yearly Membership

$790/year (2 months free!)