10-Day Instagram Stories Challenge

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to connect with your audience + gain new customers and clients.

Most biz owners watch IG Stories, but are too nervous to start posting their own.

If you're ready to become a Stories superstar (or just be able to post without stressing) this challenge is for YOU!

Enter your info below and you'll get your first Stories prompt today!


Here's the plan...

Every day for 10 days you'll receive an email detailing exactly what to share on stories to educate, inspire, and motivate your audience to connect with you and take action.

Your engagement will go up, your anxiety will go down, and you'll be building the trust and connection needed to turn followers into customers and clients.

Hi! I'm Sarah

I teach entrepreneurs, coaches, freelancers, and online biz owners how to simplify their social media strategies, show up with confidence, and attract more customers + clients.

I've been building my business since 2012 and Instagram has been KEY in turning followers into design clients, coaching clients, course students, book + template buyers, and members of Dare to Grow.

Keeping things simple + effective is my jam, so I can't wait to rock your world with this challenge. Ready to go??

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